Trevor Flint, MBA

Trevor is the Founder and Director of Capstone Associates. He inspires clients with his engaging style and delivers results with his ability to overcome challenges, find specific solutions and achieve goals.

He is a strategic thinker with the proven ability to transform the performance of businesses and organisations resulting in revenue growth and increased profitability. He provides external insights and works with companies and individuals that want an action plan for moving forward.

An MBA-qualified senior leader with over 20 years of international experience in the resources sector, Trevor knows how to drive growth by building strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.


James Irving, LLM

James is a specialist in business law and has extensive experience in the areas of contracts, leases, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, franchise law and succession planning.

Working as a lawyer with over 30 years of experience in both government agencies and private practice, James has worked in New York, South Australia, Victoria and is now based in Perth, Western Australia.

He holds law degrees from the University of Adelaide and the University of Melbourne and has written a book on International Human Rights Law as well as publishing numerous works on legal topics specifically for business owners.


Orange Kiwi

Orange Kiwi is an affiliate partner of Capstone Associates.

Based in Southern California, Orange Kiwi provides expert advice and support to low to middle market businesses at key points of transition (scale, sale or succession). Their client mix includes closely held businesses ranging in size from $10M to $250M in annual revenue. Ownership structures include first generation entrepreneur/owners through to fourth generation multi-family and multi-generational owners.

As affiliate partners Orange Kiwi and Capstone Associates share best practice, knowledge and expertise across the Australian and US markets.

Allie Taylor, PhD

Allie is a sought-after business psychologist and speaker.

Her PhD dissertation provided ground-breaking insight into the psychological journey for business owners at the point of exit.

As an extension of her studies and work with owners, Allie and her team developed the M3 Framework which readily enables business owners to chart a course to transition success.

Andrew Taylor, BCom

Andrew is an accomplished business leader and consultant whose experience has included working with Fortune 500 clients at McKinsey and Company.

Following executive roles in both New Zealand and the United States, Andrew provides advice & consulting services to business owners and their advisors.